Space Marine Fleet

Space Marine Fleets are powerful but small. I couldn’t resist to add a small formation to my collection. The yellow of the Imperial Fist Chapter isn’t something that I would ever attempt for a full army, but it seemed worth a try for a small fleet. The models are airbrushed in multiple coats of yellow over white. Followed by a Reikland Flesh wash and more drybrushing of yellow leading to yellow/white for the tips. I don’t think this scales to large models but the scheme works well for BFG ships.

Battleships: The Space Marine fleet only has one battleship in the form of the mighty Battle Barge of the Chapter. The Battle Barge can launch Thunderhawks.

BFG IF - Battle Barge
BFG IF - Thunderhawks

Cruisers: Two Strike Cruisers form the core of the fleet.

BFG IF - Strike Cruisers

Escorts: The escort section is really the only variety in the Space Marine list so I added some for each class.

Nova Class Frigates are lance-armed attack vessels used to harass enemy ships.

BFG IF - Nova

Gladius Class Frigates offer is the workhorse of the Space Marine fleet with a basic but effective weapons layout.

BFG IF - Gladius

Hunter Class Destroyers are small but swift support vessels for the fleet.

BFG IF - Hunters