Emperor’s Children

The Emperor’s Children are a founding legion that aligned with the Chaos God Slaneesh during the Horus Heresy. Crazy with lust, sadism and the pursuit of individual gratification, the Emperor’s Children now roam the 41st millennium as small warbands.

I picked this army up from Ebay almost in the early 2000’s and finished painting it. The paint style was dictated by the original few models so I tried to stay within the same concept (back then, I had no idea that stripping was possible!). The army is likely no longer legal nor practical for 40k games, but it still serves like the Legion itself.

HQ: The warband is led by a Warlord accompanied by two ferocious fighting dogs. Don’t let their size deceive you!

Troops: The core of the warband is formed by squads of 6 – Slaneesh’s holy number. This includes a command squad, regular Marine squad, two squads of Noise Marines and a group of Possessed. Mostly stock plastic models with some conversions and the odd metal model from assorted ranges.

Daemons: Two groups of Daemonettes can be summoned from the Warp to support the Warband. The kneeling models are from the Dark Eldar range of the time but fit in nicely.

Heavy Support & Transports: A Dreadnought and Rhino supplement the force.