Ork Fleet

The Ork fleet is big and non-too subtle. With large formations of all available escort types it can literally swarm enemy fleets. The paint scheme is a simple three-colour metal drybrush with green “heads”. This helps to tie the entire fleet together visually. Compared to the Imperial and Chaos fleet the Orks lack capital ships but more than make up for this with large numbers of escorts. In part this is due to the nature of Orks in Battlefleet Gothic as a raider fleet. The limited range of models imposes further restriction as it is very frustrating to build up points with cheap escort ships. My goal is to increase the fleet’s point value by adding Roks and a scratch build capital ship but this is fairly low priority.

Cruisers: Two Kill Kroozer and two Terror Ships are the main elements of the fleet. Nothing fancy but enough to scare any capital ship if they get close.

BFG Orks - Kill Kruizer
BFG Orks - Terror Ships

Escorts: Ork escorts are the strength of the fleet. With eight Brute Ram Ships, six Onslaught Attack Ships, six Ravager Attack Ships and six Savage Gun Ships the Ork fleet outnumbers any of the other fleets in my collection. Now if only those escorts could actually hit anything…

Savage Gunships pass for “shooty” ships in the Ork list.

BFG Orks - Gun Ships

Ravager Attack Ships are sort of mid range assault craft (though everything in the Ork fleet is ultimately bound for close engagements).

BFG Orks - Attack Ships

Of the three larger escorts, the Onslaughts Attack Ships are the least shooty.

BFG Orks - Onslaughts

And finally Brute Ram Ships. Smash into stuff and hope it is weaker than your prow…

BFG Orks - Brutes

Light Craft: Since the Ork fighter from Forge World are worth their weight in gold, I only added three bases. It’s not like the Orks will do a lot of launching anyhow.

BFG Orks - Fighta Bommer