World Eaters

The World Eaters were a founding legion that felt into the grip of the Chaos God Khorne during the Horus Heresy. Devoted to warfare, slaughter and personal combat, the legion now roams the 40k universe to find worthwhile foes to slay.

This army was assembled in the early 2000s from all kind of sources including old Rogue Trader models, new – at the time – releases and random conversions that I found on Ebay. I rebased the force more recently with some of the Games Workshop technical paints to get rid of the horrifying “green sand” basing style of the time.

HQ: The warband is led by a mighty – and heavily converted – Lord of Khorne in Terminator Armour. Accompanying him is a command squad of Chaos Terminators including a Standard Bearer (from an old Inquisito model), Reaper Autocannon and various other converted models. And of course it is a squad of 8 to honour Khorne’s holy number.

Elites: Two squads of Berzerker – including one in black to mark them as Chosen – and a group of Possessed are the offensive arm of the warband. The squads are based around the old plastic kit with a number of conversions and metal models. The converted red champion in the Chosen unit – based on the old Ulrik the Slayer model – was a secondary hero in the original army list. The Possessed feature a random assortment of parts including some EPIC-scale knights and Rogue Trader era models.

Troops: Two squads of regular Chaos Marines offer a bit of staying power and long range support. I appear to have lost a few models from the second squad after a couple of decades of moving!

Heavy Support: A converted Dreadnought – Daemonic Possession was a thing back then – finishes up the force.

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