Empire Fleet

Like its land-bound forces, the imperial fleet relies on tactical flexibility and strong shooting to carry the day. The ships are mostly powered by oar and sail which allows them to move under all circumstances. I used a very colourful stripe design for the sails in line but kept the ship bodies fairly sober. This draws attention to the sails without turning the fleet entirely gaudy.

Man-o-War: The Great Ships Karl Franz and Sigmar are the centre of the fleet. The major sails show the imperial seal of Karl Franz and the twin-tailed comet symbol of Sigmar.

Ship of the Line: The imperial fleet has access to a wide range of ships with 6 Wargalleys being the core.

The Hell Hammer squadron was released in the Sea of Blood expansion and provides long range firepower.

Wolfships are arguably the best Ships of the Line in the Man O’ War game and I should probably have a second squadron to make the imperial fleet as competitive as it could be.

Flyer: Two Griffon Riders provide air support for the fleet. Not much, but the Empire has very limited choice in this compartment.

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