Chaos Fleet

My chaos fleet was a bit of an afterthought. The God-specific ships are extremely difficult to find these days so I settled for a generic fleet instead with only a few Khorne ships to add variety. Not huge, but enough to check the box in the collection!

The paint scheme follows the classic chaos colours of the 90s when Man-o-War got its start. The sails are made from printable fabric, like all the other fleets, to add a bit of texture.

Man-o-War: The fleet is led by a mighty Khorne Bloodship. A classic brawler worthy of the Blood God.

MoW Chaos - Bloodship

Ship of the Line: The bulk of the fleet is made up of 9 Deathgalleys. Each squadron has a distinct skull on top of the mast to distinguish them.

MoW Chaos - Deathgalley 3
MoW Chaos - Deathgalley 2
MoW Chaos - Deathgalley 1

The final squadron of the fleet are 3 Khorne Ironsharks to add a bit more ramming power and add to the Throne of Skulls!

MoW Chaos - Ironsharks

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