Pro Elf Team

The Pro Elves are a late addition to the Blood Bowl world. The Warhammer world doesn’t really have “regular” Elves as they are either of the Wood Elf, High Elf or Dark Elf variety. The Pro (Professional) Elves are sort of the humans of the Elven team: Good at everything, excellent at nothing.

I bought the team painted a few years back and cleaned them up with new bases, a bit of highlighting and lots of error correction. The original painting style is different enough from mine that I couldn’t do a lot more without entering complete repaint territory.

Blitzer & Thrower: Two Blitzers and a Thrower. The “colour coding” of their hair comes from the original painter.

Catcher: The new Pro Elf Catcher models are very dynamic but it is a shame that they look so similar. The jumping pose is great but not something that lends itself to duplication.

Linemen: The basic linemen are probably the best models in the limited Pro Elf range in terms of variation of poses.

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