Eldar Fleet

The Eldar came out in two model lines in the early days of BFG. I settled on the classic Craftworld line and, as usual, got everything in the range. The fleet is painted in a similar scheme to my Warhammer 40k Eldar army mainly because I like purple…

Battleships: The Void Stalker is the only battleship available to the Eldar, but it’s a good one. My model lost its forward guns at some point during its long storage in the “unpainted” bin. I replaced them with the tip of Warhammer 40,000 Falcon sensor poles which blend in nicely.

BFG Eldar - Void Stalker

Cruisers: The two available cruiser types are the Eclipse and Shadow. Similar to the Void Stalker, I had to repair one forward gun to make up for a part loss.

BFG Eldar - Shadow Cruiser
BFG Eldar - Eclipse Cruiser

Escorts: Escorts are the section of the fleet where the Eldar really shine. I have included a squadron of two Hellebore frigates, 6 Aconite frigates, 3 Hemlock destroyer and 3 Nightshade destroyer.

BFG Eldar - Hellebore
BFG Eldar - Aconite 1
BFG Eldar - Aconite 2
BFG Eldar - Hemlock
BFG Eldar - Nightshades

Light Craft: Given the limited launch capability of the Eldar fleet, I have included only a few of each the fighter and bomber stands.

BFG Eldar - Fighters
BFG Eldar - Bombers