The Thracians are a very contained project based on some painted models found on EBay. They were originally intended for integration into the Greek City States collection but some of the models looked too nice to be completely repainted. They remained real Thracians and even got a few elements of reinforcement.

The army is really only suitable for the I/48 Thracian list. They are my only “Book I” army but their broad period of 700BC to 46AD stretches into the “Book II” period. This makes the Thracians good opponents for their historical counterparts in the Greek City States collection.

Cavalry: The Thracian General is a Cavalry element. The regular horsemen are from my EBay purchase and the general itself is a new model painted to blend in. Thracians were mostly a light horse force but bronze chainmail wasn’t unheard of for military leaders.

DBA De Bellis Antiquitatis

Light Horse: Three Light Horse elements remain from the original EBay purchase while the other three got repainted into generic Greek riders (in the Greek City States collection). Three is the maximum for I/48 Thracians so this does the job.

DBA De Bellis Antiquitatis

Auxilia: The EBay purchase came with two types of Auxilia models though the I/48 army list only offers 3-model Light Auxilia. In game terms both 3-model and 4-model Auxilia work the same so I am using 5 based of “Light Auxilia” and two bases of “Heavy Auxilia”

DBA De Bellis Antiquitatis
DBA De Bellis Antiquitatis

Psiloi: The I/48 Thracian list can use up to two Psiloi so I added these from leftovers of the Greek City States collection with a matching light blue paint scheme.

DBA De Bellis Antiquitatis

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