Reiklander Warband

Reiklander were one of the initial core Mercenary factions. They stem from the imperial Grand Principality of Reikland where troops are professionally trained along the guidelines of the Emperor. As a result, Reiklander have a strong contingent of trained marksmen and swordsmen, led by true imperial nobility.

The classic livery colours of Reikland is white with red accents. This unfortunately mimics the colour scheme of the Sisters of Sigmar warband so I decided to use the colours of the City-State of Altdorf at the heart of the Reikland instead: blue cloth with red and white accents.

Leader: The Captain of the warband is based on the old Warhammer Quest Imperial Noble model to give it the proper dandified look of the Reikland theme. His is accompanied by his true trusty hunting dogs.

Mordheim Reiklander - Leader.JPG

Champions: I uses old imperial Greatsword models for the Champions to give the impression of hardened warriors who joined the warband after their service to the Empire. 

Mordheim Reiklander - Champions

Youngbloods: The two Youngbloods are conventional models from the Mordheim range. One with a sword and one with spear and bow.

Mordheim Reiklander - Youngbloods

Marksmen: In line with the Reikland theme there are two solid groups of Marksmen, two with bows and three with crossbows. The models are all from the old Warhammer Empire range.

Mordheim Reiklander - Gunners

Swordsmen: The core of the warband are the sword and buckler men, all based on kitbashed old Empire plastic models.The Empire plastic model in the middle is used if I get a “That Lad’s Got Talent” upgrade of a regular henchmen to a hero.

Mordheim Reiklander - Swordsmen

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