Middenheimer Warband

The City-State of Middenheim, home of the Cult of Ulric, city of the wolf and the hammer. Middenheim sits on a rocky outcrop in the middle of the haunted deep forests of the Middenland region. By necessity or desire, its inhabitants are brutal bearded warriors who more often than not have little respect for the laws of the Empire or the teachings of Sigmar. Instead, they prefer to use their massive warhammers to illustrate the law of the strongest to their neighbouring region.

My Middenheimer warband uses the traditional thematic elements but diverges completely on the colour scheme. The traditional blue and white of Middenheim is replaced by a more earthy green, brown and grey design. These is no narrative excuse for this, I simply didn’t want to have another human warband that could be visually confused with the white, blue and red Reiklanders.

Leaders: The leaders of the warband are classic Mordheim models. The Captain wields sword and axe. The Wolf Priest was a later addition to the Mordheim rules but provides a very nice option for some “magical powers” that are much more thematic than a traditional wizard hireling. The model is a basic conversion of an Empire Warrior Priest. The Green Stuff beard is one of my earliest efforts with this material and consequently not particularly impressive.

Mordheim Middenheimer - Lords

The Champions and Youngbloods are conventional models from the Mordheim range. The Youngblood with hammer and bow has the only missile weapon in the warband.

Mordheim Middenheimer - Heroes

I added two Werewolf models just because they seemed to fit into the Warband. No idea what rules to use for them.

Mordheim Middenheimer - Werewolves

Warriors: Unlike the specialists of other mercenary warbands, Middenheim has only one focus: bashing heads with hammers. The only variations are the hammer types: swing hammer, dual wielding hammers, or double handed hammer. Hammer time…

Mordheim Middenheimer - Warriors 1
Mordheim Middenheimer - Warriors 2

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