After a long period of inactivity for my Warmaster collection, I was stimulated by the release of Games Workshop’s Contrast Paints to have a go at Warmaster Lizardmen. the bright colours of Contrast Paints seemed too good of a fit and really made this army very easy to paint. Looks good too!

Leaders: The army is led by two mighty Slanns with options for different mounts. The first is the “new” model matching the updated Warhammer style of the 2010’s. The second is an older model that can ride either on a Palaquinn born by Kroxigors or on a mighty Bastiladon. The latter is a resin model from a talented sculptor of the Tactical Commands forum (bought many years ago – no idea if these are still available).

An assortment of other heroes covers the entire range of options in the army list.

Infantry: Two regiments of Temple Guard form the elite core of the army. Added to this are four regiments of Saurus Warriors and six regiments of Skinks in skirmish order (mixed up the bases a bit). The Skinks can be augmented with Salamanders.

Cavalry: Three units of Cold One Riders and a squadron of Terradons provide the mounted arm of the force.

Monsters: Three units of Kroxigors – using my normal 3 model bases – augment the stars of the show: two Stegadons and an Engine of the Gods Bastiladon (resin).