Tomb Kings

The Tomb King army was originally released as plain “Undead” but the split in the Warhammer world into Khemri Tomb Kings and Vampire Counts was later pushed through into Warmaster as well. Just like its Warhammer cousin, the Tomb King list plays differently than other armies in Warmaster. Extremely cheap (and useless troops), very magic heavy and able to end the game with a larger number of units than at the start – Tomb Kings are a class of their own.

I used traditional Khemri colours with predominantly bone and dark red accent colour.

Leaders: Liche Priests are the driving force behind the Khemri army – essential for both their command and magic abilities. The Tomb King is highlighted with a 40mm base as usual. The Zombie Dragon provides mobile hitting power where needed.

Infantry: The Khemri list requires Skeleton infantry both as its core infantry unit as well as for summoning of further units during the game. For this reason I included five units of Skeleton Warriors and five units of Skeleton Archers. I should probably have even more for competitive play but just couldn’t bring myself to paint even more of the same models.

Cavalry: The Khemri mounted units are pretty much the only useful option in the list when it comes to combat effectiveness. This is largely the result of the intrinsic benefits of cavalry and chariots during the charge (a unit of Chaos Knights gets the same charge bonus as Skeleton Cavalry but you can get 3 units of the latter for the price of a unit of Knights – thus effectively tripling your charge bonus per game points).

Monstrous Creatures: The Khemri list offers two different monster types that I have found only moderately useful during game play. The Bone Giant is strong in the attack but can’t take a lot of damage while the Sphinx is very solid but struggles to finish off enemy units. Both models are certainly a step up from plain skeletons but in my opinion suffer from their inability to effectively integrate with other units. They are too slow to keep up with the mounted element and will usually suffer when included with infantry units (the enemy will just rack up combat resolution by slaughtering weak skeletons and drive off the monster that way). The two Tomb Scorpions are late additions, based on Reaper soft plastic models.

WM Undead - Scorpions

Flyer: A unit of Carrions provide basic aerial support. Nothing fancy but usually good enough to get the AA job done (Artillery Killing & Annoyance).

Artillery: Skull Chukka and Bone Throwers are surprisingly good artillery pieces and a great addition to the Khemri list.

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