Epic Conversions

This page is a depository for many mini tutorials associated with my 6mm Epic Armageddon collection. Most of these are relatively straightforward and should be easy to follow if somebody wants to replicate the idea. I will be adding mini tutorials over time.


Deathwheel Models

I am using the very common basic structure based on two round 40mm bases as the body and Warhammer 40k Imperial Guard tank tracks. Try to use individual track pieces from the older tank kits. If you can’t find those anymore then you can gently bend longer track pieces by placing a solid object underneath the link point and pressing gently. I did this by placing the track piece onto a sharp table edge and then pressing down. This ensures that the track only bends on the link and not in the middle of a track segment.

The rest of the model is customized for the different Chaos factions. The Nurgle Deathwheel is basically just a blog of Green Stuff (badly mixed and discoloured because I slowly build it up from “excess” Green Stuff from other projects. I pressed the Gargoyle heads from the Warhammer 40k Chaos vehicle kits, skulls and old Warhammer 40k Imperial Guard lasrifles into the Green Stuff to give the impression of tortured daemonic faces coming out of the oozing plague sores. The Green Stuff was textured with a tooth pick.

EPIC Chaos - DG Death Wheel

The Iron Warrior Deathwheel is a more traditional design.The centre piece is an old Warhammer 40k Space Marine Rhino hatch ring surrounded by two half-circle spike rings from the Warhammer 40k Chaos vehicle kit. The gun in the middle is a combination of an old Warhammer 40k Imperial Guard sponson flamer and the cut-off rear section of an Epic Space Marine Landspeeder. The little green item on the weapon support of the hatch ring is a turret from an old Epic Ork battlewagon (with the actual gun cut off).

EPIC Chaos - IW Death Wheel

The Tzeentch Deathwheel uses a central bug made from an old Warhammer 40k Space Marine Rhino hatch. The guns are very old Warhammer 40k guns that I found in my bits box. I don’t know their precise origin. The wings are from the Warhammer Wood Elf Ariel model with some Green Stuff to mask the transition. The wings are metal so I had to add a pretty thick metal pin to keep them stuck to the plastic core of the Deathwheel. During the painting step I added a ring of scorcerous flames made from plastic card. Nothing fancy but it breaks up the black area a bit.

Chaos Altars

Each faction in the Legion of the Damned list has access to a Chaos Altar. There are no official models or even fixed descriptions for these models. My modelling options were only constrained by my desire to fit the Altars onto my normal “mid sized War Engine” base for consistency.

The Khorne Altar uses the wheels/body of an Epic Chaos Doomblaster daemon engine and is pulled by two old Epic Chaos Flesh Hounds. The main platform is the tip of a tongue depressor. The altar stone itself is from a Hirst Art model. The spikes and spiky panel on the back are from the Warhammer 40k Chaos vehicle upgrade kit and the daemon statue is a Warmaster Bloodletter. The skulls in the Green Stuff are cut off from Warmaster Skeleton Archer models. The chain comes from a hobby store and the priest is a regular Epic Chaos Champion with the base trimmed off.

The Nurgle Altar is based on a Warmaster Skaven Screaming Bell. I trimmed off all the Skaven symbols and used Green Stuff to mask the damage that this did. The priest is an Epic Chaos Champion with the base trimmed off. The creatures pushing the Altar are Warmaster River Trolls (from the Troll blister). I cut off their weapons and then bend the arms until they could hold the little plastic card pieces.

The Slaneesh Altar is build up from Hirst Art pieces for the base and the pedestal. The big daemon head is from an old Warhammer Keeper of Secret. The priest, daemons and bearers under the Altar are all Epic models (Eldar Warlock, Chaos Daemonettes and old Ork Boyz respectively).

EPIC Chaos - Slaneesh Altar

The Tzeentch Altar uses an old Warhammer Chaos Flying Disc mounted on a steel wire pin. The upper structure was build from four panels from the Warhammer 40k Chaos vehicle upgrade kit with a Tzeentch icon on the blank forward panel and a plastic card roof. The top piece is from a Warhammer 40k Cities of Death building kit (I think).

EPIC Armageddon Chaos - Tzeentch Altar of Chaos

 Chaos Objectives

The Khorne objective uses four old Epic Chaos Bloodletter and a Hirst Art skull piece. I carved the bottom of the skull piece as it would otherwise look very flat (the piece is a flat-bottomed building ornament). The hooks are made from thin brass wire and the chain comes from a hobby store.

4 replies on “Epic Conversions”

wow, nice work “again”. I just recently bought about 40kg of epic figures and am now building up armies out of them. Also will be creating objectives, scenery and such and your works give me a lot of ideas

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