Tempestus Scions

The Tempestus Scions are an elite branch of the Imperial Guard that was introduced in during early 2000’s. The range has a very limited unit roster so it was pretty straightforward to assemble a complete force. I managed to paint all the infantry in one extended session, but the vehicles sadly still remain in semi-assembled state. One day…


The force is led by two Tempestor Primes. I also added a variety of Commissars, including the original Commissar Yarrick model which I painted in the 90s.

The Commanders can be supported by a Command Squad with a variety of special weapon options. I added four special weapon troops of each type, plus 8 with Plasma Guns, which can be used interchangeably in the squads.


Four full squads form the core of the force. They are mounted in (as yet unpainted) Taurox Prime vehicles. Each squad has four special weapons including Grenade Launchers, Hotshot Guns and Plasma Guns. For visual variety, I converted some of the special weapons from the Space Marine range.

Two further squads are smaller and can be mounted in Valkyrie flyers. Each has two Melta Gunners