Dark Elf Fleet

Dark Elves have a unique fleet that differs greatly from the current Warhammer setting. While the fleet is led by an iconic Warhammer “Black Arc”, all the other “ships” are actually sea dragons with just a small crew complement. This change works out very nicely as it turns the Dark Elves into a completely different fleet compared to their High Elf cousins (unlike Warhammer where the two Elven races are very similar in unit behaviour). With the exception of the Black Arc, the Dark Elf fleet can completely ignore the Man O’ War movement concepts such as wind, turning radii and so forth.

There is unfortunately only one sculpt available for each of the Dark Elf ships. That’s true for most fleets but really hurts the Dark Elves as their “ships” are organic creatures that should look different. I try to address this problem a bit by bending the heads and tails of the models into different configurations.

Man-o-War: The Black Arc of Naggaroth is the largest ship in the Man O’ War system, nearly the size of a floating city. The model is actually smaller than it should be if the Man O’ War scale were consistent across the different fleets.

Independent: The Death Fortresses are the large sea dragons that act as independent “ships” in the rules.

Ship of the Line: Squadrons of Doom Reavers are the basic (and only) line formation of the Dark Elf fleet. I visually separated the three Squadrons by clipping of different combinations of flags on the three towers.

Flyer: The Manticore Lords are the classic Dark Elf flyers. I based the paint scheme on the Man O’ War box but had to “paint on” the faces as they were terribly miscast.

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