Orcs and Goblins

Orcs and Goblins are the erratic, fun and crazy race of the Warhammer World and Warmaster is no exception. The army has a selection of all available units with a decent sized core formation and comes in around 2000 points with magic items.

Leaders: Unlike most races, Orcs have a wide range of characters and I tried to have at least one model for each available combination. So there is a General on foot, on a boar chariot or on a wyvern, as well as an Orc hero, a Goblin hero, an Orc Shaman and two Goblin Shaman (they are popular). The cart is for siege games and the squig is a stand-in character for anything I might need extra.

Infantry: Four units each of Orc Warriors and Goblins, as well as some Black Orcs for heavy infantry support.

Cavalry: Two each of the cavalry options (Orc Boar Rider and Goblin Wolf Rider) as well as a unit of Goblin Wolf Chariots.

WM Orc - Boar Boyz

Monstrous Creatures: No Orc army would be complete without a mighty giant and his lesser cousins the Ogres and Trolls.

Artillery: Orcs don’t have a lot of choice in this compartment and the Rock Lobber is largely for fun only. I used a custom 40x40mm base to provide room for a bit of diorama work for one of them.

WM Orc - Rock Lobbers


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