Possessed Warband

The Possessed are the original Chaos worshippers from the Mordheim core rulebook. Later additions such as the Carnival of Chaos and Beastmen offer more chaotic variety but the Possessed are still the archetype. Uncharacteristically, they are also not based on a classic Warhammer army and instead have more of a cult vibe.

I try to stay true to the classic styles for my Mordheim Warbands and the Possessed are no exception with their red and black colour scheme. The models are mostly stock with a few conversion thrown in to expand the henchmen groups. The conversions are based on the Frostgrave Cultist kit since Games Workshop doesn’t make anything in this style.

Leaders: The Magister is a classic model with no embellishments. I added some Dark Souls – one classic and one converted from the Frostgrave kit (technically henchmen).

Mordheim Possessed - Heroes.JPG

The two Possessed are the center pieces of the Warband. Both are classic models representing a Claw and Tentacles mutation.

Mordheim Possessed - Possessed

Two Beastmen, again classic models, provide even more multi-wound creatures – unlike their single wound siblings in the Beastman warband.

Mordheim Possessed - Beastmen

Henchmen: Six Brethren with a variety of weapons make up the core of the Warband. Added to them are two converted Mutants, one with a tentacle and the other with a third sword-wielding arm (technically heroes – my photography grouping didn’t quite match the gaming categories!).

Mordheim Possessed - Regulars
Mordheim Possessed - Archers