Human Team

The Reikland Reavers were my first Blood Bowl team, close to two decades go. The models are from the second edition Blood Bowl box with a few metal models added. The paint scheme is definitely showing its age. A few years ago I did a quick update of the highlights on the faces but there is only so much you can do with models painted in enamels and “sealed” with hairspray. They did me proud on the pitch though…

Star Player: Griff Oberwald and Mighty Zug are both 2nd edition models and iconic representatives of the Blood Bowl world.

Blitzer: Three of the Blitzers are form the plastic boxed set with a minor conversion of the plume for one. The bigger model is from the 1st edition box (also plastic). I vaguely remember getting a strength upgrade for a Blitzer during one of the early leagues. The bulkier model represents this quite nicely.

Thrower: Both Throwers are from the 2nd edition plastic set. The removal of the ball (replaced by some gloved hand) is a minor conversion but something that I was quite proud of in the early days.

Catcher: The four Catchers are also from the 2nd edition plastic box.

Ogre: The Ogre is a conversion from an old 3rd edition Warhammer model. It was painted for my by an old as a birthday present.

Linemen: The Linemen are all from the 2nd edition box. I ran out of number decals so a few of them are hand-painted with my mid-90’s freehand skills.

Coaching Staff: The Coach is an old Heroquest model from one of the expansions. He had a Reikland Reavers banner on the pole in his hand at some point. The Cheerleader with harp is some non-Games Workshop model (Reaper maybe?).

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