WFB Empire Flagellants

Slowly finishing up the remaining Empire units. This big block of Flagellants is the last “big formation” on the list. Now it’s down to the special characters and the big items (e.g. new style griffons, etc.). The unit filler is based on the old War Altar with a more suitable Prophet of Doom riding it.

Painting Warhammer

Empire Scroll Caddy

I finished up a model that has been on my painting desk for years. Very quick, nothing fancy but I wanted to get him off the table. It’s a literal interpretation of the “Scroll Caddy” concept for my Bogenhafen empire army. I am using a Mordheim Sisters of Sigmar Augur for my wizard in the army and she has two (now three) “Scroll Caddies”. I use those to mark how many dispel scrolls she has left. I will take some pics of the other two caddies soon. They are all old familiars carrying scrolls or books. For now, all I have is an old White Dwarf pic of part of my Empire army from a long forgotten Grand Tournament. You can just barely see the two other caddies on the front left. I will have to learn how to photograph larger 28mm units (and keep everything in focus).


Warmaster up

Warmaster Orcs & Goblins, Empire, Chaos, Dwarves and Tomb Kings are up: