Salamander Space Marines

Space Marines are the symbol of the Warhammer 40k universe. Genetically engineer super-humans crushing alien threats – what’s more to ask for. My choice of chapter was essentially motivated by colour scheme more than anything else. The other (planned) armies had dibs on all but green amongst primary colours as well as black (and I am not painting white at 6mm scale!).

The Salamanders are painted in Dark Angel green over a black undercoat, followed by an “Emerald Green” drybrush (old Games Workshop line), black shoulder pads and details. Nothing fancy but well suited to the 6mm scale.

The army is based on the unique Salamander chapter organisation and comes in at roughly 10,000 points. The Salamander chapter differs from the Codex Astartes in that they use companies of 120 men rather than 100 but only field 6 full companies instead of the common 10. As a rule I am assuming that three Epic Armageddon detachments (including all two command options) are roughly equivalent to a Salamander Company.

The Fire Drakes – 1st Company (Veteran): The first company are three Terminator formations led by the company captain, Librarian and a Chaplain. They are supported by four Dreadnoughts.

2nd Company (Battle): One each of Assault, Tactical and Devastator detachment with Rhinos where appropriate. Rhinos can be swapped out for Razorbacks from the transport pool if desired. Each formation comes with optional Captain, Chaplain or Librarian. This matched up very closely to the Salamander force organisation.

3rd Company (Battle): Same as the 2nd Company.

4th Company (Battle): Same as the 2nd Company.

5th Company (Reserve): Three Tactical detachments with Rhinos as well as all three command options.

6th Company (Fast): This is where I break from the Salamander organisation. Technically the 6th Company is another Reserve formation with 4 Tactical and 8 Devastator Squads. There is really no need for yet more Tactical and Devastator formations in any even remotely reasonable EPIC army. Instead, I made this a mobile company similar to the Dark Angel Ravenwing organisation. The core is 3 Bike squads including Attack Bike and all three command options. A squadron of Land Speeder provide support.

7th Company (Scout): According to the Salamander codex, the Scout Company only has 6 squads instead of the normal 12 squads in the main companies. In EPIC this translates into two Scout formations with an optional Captain and converted Sniper upgrade.

Transport Pool: Not assigned to the different companies is a pool of twelve Razorbacks and 6 Hunter which can be assigned to the different units as needed. The Hunter model is a conversion of a Razorback hull with an old style Whirlwind missile launcher.

Medium Tanks: Squadrons of Predator Destructors, Predator Annihilators and Vindicators provide core tank support. The old Predator models are a bit lonely and rarely used.

Heavy Tanks: Two squadrons of Land Raider can either be used to transport the Fire Drakes First Company or deliver punishing long range fire.

Artillery: Three squadrons of Whirlwinds provide long range support for the chapter. The other models are converted Hunters. I used Rhino bodies with the old Whirlwind launcher mounted forward to give the impression of a missile AA tank.

Flyers: Air support is provided by three Thunderhawk Gunships and a Landing Craft (using the Forgeworld Thunderhawk Transporter model. The Drop Pods can be used as markers for orbital deployment units.

Objectives: The Space Marines get to capture a hill mounted radar station, a bunker or a missile silo.

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