Chaos World Eater & Cult

I started this army as a combined Black Legion force with devotees of Khorne, Nurgle, Slaneesh, Tzeentch and Undivided. It very quickly grew to the point that each faction deserved its own webpage, especially once I added matching Lost and the Damned factions. All five factions can of course still combine to make a very large Black Legion force.

The World Eater chapter are followers of the blood god Khorne. Appropriately I themed this faction around close combat engagements but included a few long range elements to retain some competitiveness. The faction includes enough models to be fielded as either a Khorne Black Legion contingent, a stand-alone World Eater force using the NetEA or EpiUK list, or a Lost and the Damned Khorne Cult.

World Eater Retinues: The core formations for the Khorne factions are World Eater marines and Berzerker. I needed to have a decent quantity of each due to the discrepancy of model count between the Black Legion, NetEA World Eater and EpicUK World Eater force. The regular marines include all character options except a cowardly sorcerer which doesn’t belong in a proper Khorne force. I used different chaos marine models from all editions of the EPIC game as well as the odd Bloodletter and Berzerker on the regular marine bases to emphasis the nature of Khorne. They can be mounted in Rhinos for mobility.

The retinue can be upgraded with a four Berzerker based with Rhinos if fielded as a Black Legion list.

Alternatively, I have enough Berzerker bases to field two dedicated Berzerker only retinues (using the EpicUK list) or two “half-and-half” retinues of Berzerker and Legionaires (as per NetEA list).

World Eater Terminators:The retinue is supported by a full sized force of Khorne Chosen Terminators including lord and champion option. If needed, the Terminators can be transported in Land Raiders.

World Eater Biker: The only thing better than crazy power armoured berzerker with chain axes are crazy power armoured berzerker with chain axes on bikes. The bike models are custom sculpts from a very talented hobbyist on the Tactical Commands forum. The command base is a minor conversion of my own.

World Eater Raptors: The Raptors are based on Exodus Wars Edenite Assault troops which are an ideal proxy for Chaos Raptors. The formation includes a slightly converted leader.

Khorne Daemons: The Khornate daemon pool is led by a Bloodthirster Greater Daemon and Angron the Primarch of the World Eaters (using a 10mm Warmaster model with a slight conversion to remove any 10mm scale parts of the model). The pool includes a horde of eight Bloodletters, eight Fleshhound bases and eight Juggernaughts. The Juggernaught are led by a lord made from a Warmaster model.

Daemonic Walker: The dedicated World Eater lists have introduced a number of daemonic walkers to Epic based on the more recent Warhammer 40k Chaos units. All of these models are custom sculpts from artists on the Tactical Commands forum: Two Greater Brass Scorpions, four Blood Slaughterers (both from the same sculptor as the bikes) and two Soulgrinder (“Otterware” Defiler with the addition of some 40k parts and Green Stuff to “possess” them). I also added three Dreadnoughts with minor conversions.

Daemon Engines: Daemon engines were one of the original icons in the Epic game system. Over time I collected at least one of each of the orignal models and now have enough to field several formations: Three Brass Scorpions, three Cauldrons of Blood, four Doom Blaster, and one Death Dealer, one Tower of Skulls, one Blood Reaper, and four Cannons of Khorne . The Cauldrons of Blood were driled out with a dremel tool and then filled in with water effects tinted with red ink. Where appropriate the other guns where also drilled out. The Cannons of Khorne are crewed by Chaos Squats as a nod to the Warhammer Hell Cannon.

Khorne Covens: Three Mutant Covens form the core formations of a Khorne Lost and the Damned force. I kept the martial theme and went with a mix of beastmen and blood letter for the regular mutants. The Big Mutants are based on the old Minotaur and Troll models with some simple conversions to break up the monotony. The leaders of the Covens are Chaos Champions and a really big guy that can serve as the cult leader.

EPIC Chaos - Khorne Transports 1

EPIC Chaos - Khorne Transports 2

Two of the Covens can be mounted on improvised Land Transporters for added mobility. The models are converted from old Ork plastic battlewagons and some GHQ truck parts that I had in my bitz box. I also added some Hellhounds as the fire and brimstone theme seemed to fit.

A small group of Chaos Hounds can join the Covens to absorb a few hits. The dogs are from the Warmaster Daemon range.

The third Coven pushes along the Altar of Khorne. The model is a kit bash from a Doom Blaster chassis, some old Fleshhounds, a tongue depressor, Hirst Art stone and various 40k and Warmaster pieces. More info on the design can be found on the Epic conversion workshop page.

Titans: Khorne has favoured his chosen with two mighty war engines: A Lord of Battle and a Feral Titan. The Lord of Battle is magnetized to mount any of the four weapon options. The Feral Titan is a conversion based on the very old Warhammer 40k Blood Slaughterer model. The top portion of the model is converted from an old Juggernaught, various Ork parts and plenty of Green Stuff to remove anything that would suggest a 28mm/40k scale

EPIC Chaos - Khorne Feral Titan

Objective: The Khorne objective is a skull held by four old style Bloodletter. The skull is from Hirst Art with the addition of a few chains from a jewelry store.

The other objectives for are “generic” chaos objectives shared by the five contingents. The Chaos Portal is made from Hirst Art stones and a bit of multi-layer optical film that reflects light at different colours depending on viewing angle (across the rainbow spectrum).
EPIC Chaos - Chaos Gate

One thought on “Chaos World Eater & Cult

  1. Hello, I have seen your web, and I think you are a great painter. Lots of good minis here.

    Also, I want to ask you one thing: I have been trying myself to buy a Chaos terminator miniature of epic, but I can not find anyone….would you mind selling me one of them, if you have any, painted or unpainted?, or do you know about anyone who could sell me one of them. I would pay it by paypal. up to 40$ for a painted Khorne Terminator, or 20S for an unpainted one. I have some terminators of the space marines, but I would like to have at least one of the Chaos Terminators to have a reference to change the other ones.

    Thanks a lot, really,


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