Mordheim Painting

Mordheim Orcs

While waiting for various washes from Maelstrom Games, I finished up the Orc boyz on my desk. Last year I had a grand ambition to build a Warhammer Orc army (or rather another one since I already have a very old Orc force from 3rd edition). The year before I was planning (and buying) a Warhammer 40k Ork horde. I guess I am attracted to green somehow. For once, I was prudent enough to make a small “trial” first: a Mordheim Orc warband. A modest 30 models to give me a feel for the drudgery of painting green skin. I finished the skin for all 30 and then stalled very quickly. A year alter, the core boyz are finally done. Not a very successful trial…
Mordheim Orcs - Boyz with SwordsMordheim Orcs - Boyz with SpearsMordheim Orcs - Big'Uns

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