Warhammer Black Orcs

Black Orcs are the epitome of brute force. A nice block of 30 though I am basing many of them on 50x50mm or 75x25mm bases with fewer models per base than technically required. This creates a bit more space between the models which otherwise are really wedged tightly together.

Leading the force is the mighty Grimgor Ironhide and a generic Big Boss. Still working on a Black Orc Battle Standard Bearer to complete the line-up. They are based on 50x25mm bases to line up with the rest of the mob while having some space around them. It’s physically impossible to fit these models onto a single 25x25mm base in a formation…

Savage Orcs

Work on my “new” Orc army is progressing. I am going through these in thematic blocks. The regular Orcs are mostly done – baring some characters – in the few previous posts. This now adds the Savage Orc contingent.

The group is lead by Wurzag Da Great Green Prophet in both mounted and walking format. He is joined by two fellow shamans and a Big Boss to add some punch to the mob. I just love the old shaman models!

WFB Orcs - Wurzag Combo

WFB Orcs - Savage Orc Shamans

WFB Orcs - Savage Orc Big Boss

The main mob is 25 strong including a unit filler of a simplistic icon carried on the shoulders of the boyz.

WFB Orcs - Orcs 2 Rear

A mounted group of ten boar boyz rounds out the Savage Orc contingent.

WFB Orcs - Savage Orc Boar Boyz

Orcs from the World that was…

When the Warhammer World was killed by Games Workshop, I impulsively bought all the armies that I didn’t have yet (and all available models for each such army…). So now I am stuck with a few thousand Warhammer models. Slowly working my way through the pile with the Orcs first in the lineup. First some core infantry units – one of 30 (including a looted cow…), one of 25 (including a pig carrying barrels which is hard to see in the back now that I look at the photos 😦 ). I decided for irregular basing which fits with the wild style of the Orcs.

WFB Orcs - Orcs 1 RearWFB Orcs - Orcs 1 SideWFB Orcs - Orcs 1WFB Orcs - Orcs 2 SideWFB Orcs - Orcs 2


Ye Olde Dwarves

While taking pictures of Epic models I had to open some of the less frequently visited cabinet doors. This one is a blast from the past: A very old Dwarf army. They don’t make them like this anymore… sniff. I have vague plans to one day dip the entire army and redo the bases. The paint job is nicely “blocked in” without highlights so a bit of dip would go a long way. On the left we have some extremely old school Rangers and two units of crossbowdwarves behind them. In the middle is mighty Thorgrimm on his throne surrounded by three units of clan warriors (armed with double handed weapons, hand weapons and spears respectively). Next to him are the famous “Swedish Pikemen” dwarves including a piper! Finally same slayers and the infamous Uther’s Dragon Company in imperial purple. Oh, and all the old heroes and warmachines. Apart from the spears this might actually be a playable Dwarf list today…

Empire Scroll Caddy

I finished up a model that has been on my painting desk for years. Very quick, nothing fancy but I wanted to get him off the table. It’s a literal interpretation of the “Scroll Caddy” concept for my Bogenhafen empire army. I am using a Mordheim Sisters of Sigmar Augur for my wizard in the army and she has two (now three) “Scroll Caddies”. I use those to mark how many dispel scrolls she has left. I will take some pics of the other two caddies soon. They are all old familiars carrying scrolls or books. For now, all I have is an old White Dwarf pic of part of my Empire army from a long forgotten Grand Tournament. You can just barely see the two other caddies on the front left. I will have to learn how to photograph larger 28mm units (and keep everything in focus).