Painting Warhammer

Ye Olde Dwarves

While taking pictures of Epic models I had to open some of the less frequently visited cabinet doors. This one is a blast from the past: A very old Dwarf army. They don’t make them like this anymore… sniff. I have vague plans to one day dip the entire army and redo the bases. The paint job is nicely “blocked in” without highlights so a bit of dip would go a long way. On the left we have some extremely old school Rangers and two units of crossbowdwarves behind them. In the middle is mighty Thorgrimm on his throne surrounded by three units of clan warriors (armed with double handed weapons, hand weapons and spears respectively). Next to him are the famous “Swedish Pikemen” dwarves including a piper! Finally same slayers and the infamous Uther’s Dragon Company in imperial purple. Oh, and all the old heroes and warmachines. Apart from the spears this might actually be a playable Dwarf list today…

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