EPIC Painting

Iron Warrior Group Shot

Click on the image to get a bigger version. This is a quick snap (with flash) into the miniature cabinet where the Iron Warrior and Iron Cult tray is full the to the rim. The only missing models are two Hell Talon bombers and two objectives. And there is barely enough room for those…

On the left we have the Iron Warriors with

Left column, front to back: Bike Squadron, Obliterators, Havocs with Rhinos, Retinue and Armoured Company of Predators.

Middle column, front to back: Two Forelorn Hope squads with Rhinos, Decimator, Havocs with Rhinos, Retinue with Rhinos, Defilers, Deathwheel, Hell Talons and Hell Blades.

In between the columns are  three Dreadnoughts and another Decimators. The empty hole is for the Iron Warrior Objective (finished but still in the varnishing booth)

On the right is the rusty Iron Cult with

Left column, front to back: Coven with Altar, Armoured Company with Leman Russ, Objective, two Hydras and two Artillery Squadrons of Basilisks

Right column, front to back: Two more Covens, each with Fire Support element and some Demolishers.

The Iron Warriors come in a 4415 points (Black Legion list), the Iron Cult at 2160 points (Lost and the Damned list).

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