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Khorne Followers Group Shot

People seem to like the group shot so here is another one.

Mighty Khorne’s Minions on a tray. Click on the pic to embiggen (is that a word?). Those empty spots are for a few more inbound Berzerkers (on the left) and a bunch of Land Transporters on the right (still needing to be converted). On the left are the World Eater and on the right their lesser followers from the Lost and the Damned.

The World Eaters come in at 4380 points including the (shared) Daemon pool (Black Legion list) while the minions come in at 3075 points (Lost and the Damned list). Some combination of the two forces can also make a fairly large World Eater force based on their dedicated fan list.

Left column, front to back: Terminators, Berzerker, Retinue with Rhinos and Daemon Prince, Defiler and Armoured Company with Land Raiders.

Middle left column, front to back: Bloodthirster, Dreadnoughts, Chaos Hounds, Juggernaughts, Flesh Hounds, Bloodletter, Greater Brass Scorpions and Lord of Battle, various Daemon Engines and Cannons of Khorne.

Middle right column 2, front to back: Bikers, Objective, Blood Slaughterer and more Daemon Engines

Right Column, front to back: Mutan Coven with Altar and Big Mutants, Mutant Coven with Big Mutants and Hell Hounds, Mutant Coven with Big Mutants, and even more Daemon Engines

Khorne has also provided a larger scale force, so here is a quick shot of my Warhammer 40k World Eater army of many years ago (early 2000’s). I am still planning to paint that Land Raider and the last two Biker (who am I kidding…).

One reply on “Khorne Followers Group Shot”

The Epic force especially has great visual impact. So many classic minis in there too. Useful to have the same force in both scales – you can fight some of the individual Epic-scale combats as 40K games.

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