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ToEG A year in review

So how am I doing in this Tales of Epic Gamers challenge? First of all, it has definitely achieved its goal of motivating me to keep chipping away on the big Lost and the Damned army. That’s a fantastic result for somebody like me who normally bounced from project to project. The plan in August was to complete about 11,000 points of EPIC LatD duringt the ToEG challenge, plus about 4,000 points worth of “left-over” models for their cousins in the Black Legion chaos list. Against that 15,000 points goal I have so far completed:

August: 965 points (but also based and converted the first half of the overall army)
September: 3520 points (mostly Khorne and a few other units)
October: 1300 points (mostly Undivided and some remaining Khorne units)
November: 1910 points (finished Khorne and most of Undivided, based/converted the other half of the army)
December: 860 points (random small stuff cleared off my desk, started basing/converting my Eldar, Adeptus Mechanicus and Squat armies for the next few years)

Grand total in five months: 8555 points. At this pace I will complete the project just in time for the 2011 ToEG challenge to start. I am not sure if that’s a good or bad thing… On a slightly more optimistic note, the points don’t tell the true story. A lot of my time in the last five months went into basing and converting which is now done for the entire project. I find that basing EPIC models takes about as much time per base as painting them. Moreover, I have left some of the “big & fun” items for the end of the project. So the remaining 7000 points include eight Titans or major war engines worth 3200 points. So I might just get done in the spring instead of late summer 2011…

Here are some more pics of the December update. Slaneesh Traitor Sentinels (which can also be used as Dreadnoughts in the Black Legion list if needed) and Slaneesh Cultist Fire Support.

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