EPIC Painting

ToEG December Summary

Happy New Years Everybody!

December was a horrible month in terms of painting progress. Between travel, vacation and work pressure I had a grand total of two evenings available to paint. The resulting output is consequently less than stellar.

I managed to complete the following models:

3 Khorne Dreadnoughts 150pts
3 Tzeentch Dreadnoughts 150pts

1 Nurgle Dreadnought (I temporary lost the other ones, this will be fixed in January) 50pts
15 Nurgle Mutants including command (the 9 Big Mutants are still in progress) ~250pts
6 Nurgle “hounds” (using Warhammer giant rats) 60pts

4 Slaneesh Traitor Sentinels (using old Eldar Warwalker) 100pts
4 Slaneesh Traitor Fire Support 100pts

So a grand depressing total of 860 points. Enough for the 500 points ToEG limit but far from satisfying.

I also made some more progress on the Mordheim building and painted a handful of Battlefleet Gothic fighters (Ork and Eldar).

The models are in varying states of drying (varnish, grass, etc.) so I will post pics during the next few days. Below are the different dreadnoughts for now.

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