EPIC Painting

ToEG – First progress on LatD

I am back in town, though only for 48 hours. Subtracting work and jet-lagged sleep, I had a few hours to get started on the LatD. Step one was to gather up all the necessary components. With the exception of the DRM Ketzali, my various orders and trades had arrived while I was away. Most of those parts needed clean-up, including de-sprueing (probably not a word), a few boxes worth of infantry.

Khorne tray (clockwise from top left): Daemon Engines, Lord of Battle, an old 40k daemonic slaughterer which will become a Feral Titan, collection of parts for the Khorne Altar, WM Fleshhounds to become Chaos Hounds, a tub of spare Beastmen to populate the Transports, tub of Fleshhounds, tub of Berzerkers (I need a few more bases to run my Black Legion Khorne contingent as World Eaters), 18 Big Mutant bases (the right most still need to be properly based), 18 newly painted Mutants from today’s painting session (centre).

Slaneesh Tray (clockwise from top left): 22 Cultists freshly base coated in Dheneb Stone (the missing two are in the tub below), parts for the Slaneesh Altar, Scout Titans, Slaneesh Knights, Chimeras and Hellhounds, tub of mixed models with Noise Marines to make Fire Support squads.

Tzeentch Tray (clockwise from top left): BIG tub to make 24 cultists stands, Fire support bases, small Titan, big Titan, Firelord, Doomwings, Silver Towers (still looking for 2 more).

Nurgle Tray (clockwise from top left): Plague Tower, Plague Zombies, WM beast rider to become Rough Rider, Blight Drones, 6 Mutant bases, Titan, WM Rat Ogres to become Big Mutants with some Epic scale handlers, WM Chaos Spawn, tub of Terminators (to augment Black Legion Nurgle, WM Screaming Bell as base for Nurgle Altar, tub of GHQ infantry to make cultists, tub of Havocs (for BL), tubs of mutants and cultists, Rhinos for the Havocs.

Pretty much everything is cleaned up now but a big basing orgy will still be necessary. To make some actual progress against the August ToEG deadline, I painted up the 18 Khorne Mutants. I still need the matching 18 Big Mutants to make complete units but I guess they are worth roughly 300 points. I also did up a test base for the Slaneesh Cultists. I will finish all the bases in one go towards the end of the project. Off to traveling for another few days again (unfortunately even further west so more jet lag L ). Another update will come on the weekend.


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