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ToEG – Progress update on LatD

With the August deadline for ToEG creeping ever closer, it’s time for the final sprint. I still only have the 300 points for the 18 Khorne Mutants painted but made a lot of progress on the assembly front. In my experience assembly and basing is at least half of the work for small scale models. So I am reasonably pleased with the progress. Of course right after hitting the “all assembled” point, the door rang and my newest order arrived. Another 50+ bases of infantry to base this weekend (all the DRM stuff for the Undivided Covens). Well, at least I had a very short moment of bliss there…

Behold the multitude:

Everything is cleaned up and spackled. The slightly pinkish bases aren’t fully dry yet. The final step will be to add sand and then paint the bases. Those are all the remaining models for the God-specific formations. The only thing missing now are the DRM Ketzali for the Undivided formations, Nurgle Big Mutants, Nurgle Rough Rider and Khorne Chaos Hounds (I ran out of bases, thankfully another 1000 washer are scheduled to arrive tomorrow).

I also started converting the war altars. For Nurgle I used a Warmaster Skaven Screaming Bell, removed the rats and other indicators of 10mm scale. The altar is pushed by two Warmaster River Trolls that I had lying arround. Everything just barely fits on my standardized “Small War Engine” base which seems in line with the altar stat line.

The Khorne altar is a jumble of parts from my bits box. The carriage is from a spare Doomblaster Daemon Engine that was missing the front ram. The chain will be attached tightly to the carriage once the old Flesh Hounds are based and painted. They need to be embedded into spackle so I will paint the hounds on the base while painting the altar seperately for easier access. The stuff on the altar are some 40k spiky bits, a Warmaster Bloodletter that will be painted as a brass statue, a 40k Khorne icon, a Ultracal cast Hirst Art stone left from my Mordheim city project, and some skulls that I cut off from spare Warmaster Skeleton Archers. The base of the Bloodletter will get some more Green Stuff and Warmaster skulls to make a nicer transition.

I am fiddling with ideas for the Tzeentch and Slaneesh altars but haven’t hit anything that feels right yet. Tentative plan is an old 40k disc of Tzeentch with a monolith-like uper structure for Tzeetch. Slaneesh is some kind of Greco-style temple carried on the backs of pleasure slaves. Still poking through the bits box though.

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