Painting Warhammer

Empire Scroll Caddy

I finished up a model that has been on my painting desk for years. Very quick, nothing fancy but I wanted to get him off the table. It’s a literal interpretation of the “Scroll Caddy” concept for my Bogenhafen empire army. I am using a Mordheim Sisters of Sigmar Augur for my wizard in the army and she has two (now three) “Scroll Caddies”. I use those to mark how many dispel scrolls she has left. I will take some pics of the other two caddies soon. They are all old familiars carrying scrolls or books. For now, all I have is an old White Dwarf pic of part of my Empire army from a long forgotten Grand Tournament. You can just barely see the two other caddies on the front left. I will have to learn how to photograph larger 28mm units (and keep everything in focus).

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