EPIC Painting

Failed Eldar Avatar wip

July wasn’t the greatest month for ToEG:

1 Autarch
8 Warp Spiders
8 Shining Spears

Just 600 meager points. That only left the big guys: 2 big Titans, 2 Revenant Titans and the Avatar. The latter killed all my momentum for the month. I had originally sculpted the model to be rising out of a lava fissure so the idea was to paint it in a molten lava scheme. And so I did. And then didn’t like it. At all. The lava scheme clashed badly with the white/purple style of the rest of the army. So the top of the model went into a stripper bath, making it the first model in the now 11k points Eldar army not to come out right on first try. Let’s see how version 2 looks like.

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