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ToEG – Deathguard Blight Drone colour test

I have ten of those beautiful Blight Drone proxies from a talented TacComs artist. Below are my two paint scheme trials. The left scheme is based on the Forge World 40k Blight Drone example with dirty metallic green top armour. The second one emphasis the rust a bit more. Any preferences? I could paint the two squadrons in different colour shcemes so “both” is a viable vote.

2 replies on “ToEG – Deathguard Blight Drone colour test”

There isn’t anything wrong with the metallic green scheme, in and of itself, but you might also consider trying a lighter green, then washed with possibly Beastial Brown. The other green scheme that comes to mind is the Foundation (is it Grot Green), then Devlan Mud.

In any case, these guys look good. I definitely like the red scheme as is.

Thanks for the comment. The green scheme is actually Gretchin Green mixed with Silver (to make it metallic), followed by a Devlan Mud wash. Both models look a bit brighter and colourfull in real life (at least compared to my current monitor settings).

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