EPIC Painting

ToEG – LatD Undivided arrive on the scene

My first achievement for the October ToEG challenge is completed. Three undivided cultist covens with fire support upgrade each. My undivided Black Legion contingent are Iron Warriors so the Lost and the Damned I tried to go with the “iron” theme. And so the Iron Cults where born. The idea is to cover the lesser sub-humanoid tribes that populate the Iron Warrior worlds. They provide the manual labour for the factories and have to make due with whatever scrap equipment they can scavenge off the Iron Warriors. The models are DRM Ketzali and the paint scheme is inspired by the Starwars Jawa’s who have similar rust scavenger look. I colour-coded their staff icons in the same colours used for the Iron Warrior retinues (red, purple. green). The fire support upgrades are more Ketzali models with old Ork guns painted up to look like rusted piles of junk. Not real conversion work as I mainly just wanted to try out the rust look on a larger formation. I think it works ok. Future vehicles will be kitbashed versions of Imperial Guard “surplus” in the same rusty scheme.

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