Mordheim Section Updated

The Mordheim section is now fully updated with new pictures. This includes the following previously posted warbands:

Undead Warband

Reiklander Warband

Middenheimer Warband

Kislev Warband

Skaven Warband

Dwarven Warband

Sisters of Sigmar Warband

Witch Hunter Warband

Hired Swords

Dramatis Personae


I am not working on uploading the backlog of completed warbands, including Orcs, Goblins and Averlanders. Some Beastmen, Carnival of Chaos, Ogres and Possessed are also on the horizon.

For now, the only new model in the pages above is a second Werewolf for my Middenheimers (the one of the right), the Witch Hunter and Marco Colombo.

Mordheim Middenheimer - Werewolves

Mordheim Personas - Witch Hunter Explorer

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