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ToEG – Blood Slaughterer of Khorne

More progress for November: Four Blood Slaughterer of Khorne. The models are custom sculpts by a very talented modeller on the Tactical Commands forum. A nightmare to assemble but incredibly nice once they are all together. The Tactical Commands World Eater list actually has them as a unique unit. Otherwise they can proxy for Defiler in the regular Black Legion list.

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ToEG – Khorne Objective

Another small step forward: The Khorne objective market is completed. The models are old Bloodletter, a Hirst Art skull and some chain.

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ToEG – Cauldrons of Blood

The water effect in the cauldron has finally dried so here is the finished product. These were done in October so they don’t count for this month…

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ToEG – Khorne Biker

More Chaos goodness (or badness) for the October ToEG quota: A unit of Khorne bikers including character. The models are custom sculpts by a very talented hobbyist at the Tactical Commands forum. Incredibly nice work! The character is a minor conversion of mine. I will add decal icons to all the Chaos character models once the whole force is done (similar to my Orks).

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ToEG – LatD Undivided Vehicles WIP

I am short a few Leman Russ tanks (inbound from Ebay) but work has started on the other Iron Cult vehicles. They are bashed together from whatever leftover imperial parts I had in my bitz box.

The first armoured artillery squadron are fairly straightforward Basilisks. I had to add some fuel tanks and Green Stuff items to the older models to “bulk” them to the new size (I only had two of the newer types left).

The second squadron uses spare Basilisk chassis but mounts siege mortars. I had those left over from the Ork Gargant kit and they somehow fit.

Finally I have two Hydra anti-air tanks. I have a bunch of Rhino hulls without tracks so I made wheels by cutting Ork plastic guns into two with a scroll saw. Add some Ork AA guns and an old Whirlwind launcher.

Once the weather is dry again these will get sprayed and then painted.

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ToEG – LatD Undivided arrive on the scene

My first achievement for the October ToEG challenge is completed. Three undivided cultist covens with fire support upgrade each. My undivided Black Legion contingent are Iron Warriors so the Lost and the Damned I tried to go with the “iron” theme. And so the Iron Cults where born. The idea is to cover the lesser sub-humanoid tribes that populate the Iron Warrior worlds. They provide the manual labour for the factories and have to make due with whatever scrap equipment they can scavenge off the Iron Warriors. The models are DRM Ketzali and the paint scheme is inspired by the Starwars Jawa’s who have similar rust scavenger look. I colour-coded their staff icons in the same colours used for the Iron Warrior retinues (red, purple. green). The fire support upgrades are more Ketzali models with old Ork guns painted up to look like rusted piles of junk. Not real conversion work as I mainly just wanted to try out the rust look on a larger formation. I think it works ok. Future vehicles will be kitbashed versions of Imperial Guard “surplus” in the same rusty scheme.

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ToEG – Preparing for October

With the September goal achieved, it is time to turn to October. I am going to try and paint the remaining Khorne war engines and at least one of the remaining infantry formations (Nurgle, Tzeentch or Undivided/Ketzali). I did a few test bases for these.

Nurgle Mutants
Nothing fancy and the photo isn’t the best. I am used the same colours as the Khorne Mutants but with green loin cloth and Plaguebearers mixed in.

Tzeentch Cultists
As stated previously, I am trying to give the impression of a recently corrupted imperial regiment so the models are a lot more uniform that the random Slaneesh Cultists. The paint scheme is similar to the Tzeentch Thousand Sons Marines (and the Chaos Marine “advisors” on some of the bases are of course an exact match for the TS models).

My Black Legion undivided force are Iron Warrios so I am trying to match the undivided Lost and the Damned theme to them. The idea is to go with a scavenger look similar to the Jawas in Star Wars. The vehicles will be imperial issue but heavily weathered and rusty. Sort of like the cultists are lesser beings on the Iron Warrior worlds who have to make due with scrap metal scavenged from the Iron Warrior factories. I made two test models with slightly different robes. Vermin Brown vs Bestial Brown (both get a Devlan Mud wash afterwards). I am partial to the slightly reddish Vermin Brown as it contrasts a bit better with the base. Any comments?

I also took some work in progress shots of the four faction trays (missing the Iron Warrior tray as I haven’t done anything on the Ketzali yet). You can see bigger versions by clicking on the image.

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ToEG – September Update

With a generous 45 minutes to spare before midnight, here is the summary for my September ToEG painting:

Khorne Contingent:
9 Daemonic Assault Engines of Khorne (675 points)

Not shown are three finished Cauldron’s of Blood as I used Water Effects in their cauldron (looking like blood) and it isn’t fully hardened yet.

4 Daemonic Support Engines of Khorne (300 points)

4 Cannons of Khorne (200 points)

Three full Khorne Mutant Covens, each consisting of 6 Mutants (with leader) and 6 Big Mutants (960 points).

A few assorted extra units to augment my Khorne World Eater force: 2 Terminators (150 points), 2 Flesh Hounds (40 points) and 2 Berzerker (75 points).

Nurgle Contigent:
Mortarion – Primarch of the Death Guard (50 points, the Great Unclean One in the photo was painted previously)

Nurgle Altar (150 points)

2 Nurgle Spawn (50 points)

4 Havocs and their Rhinos (170 points)

Slaneesh Contigent:
Two full Cultist Coven with 12 Cultists, Demagogue and Champion each (450 points)

I also added 4 Obliterators to my Iron Warrior force (300 points)

All told this comes to 3520 points for September. That not only achieves the 500 points ToEG objective but pushed my Lost and the Damned army a big step forward. I have added updated photos (larger version) to the Black Legion page where appropriate and will add a Lost and the Damned page once I have a few more models for it.

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ToEG – More questions

I got some good feedback for the Khorne units so I am going to post more “work in progress” models. Hopefully that will allow me to incorporate the comments BEFORE finishing the models (and then ripping part of them apart again). Here is the wip Nurgle Altar and the wip Nurgle Spawns (all from the Warmaster range). The altar is just missing the bell on front (experiencing its last wash right now). The spawns currently have black eyes because I don’t have a good colour scheme for the eyes. Glowing red is the obvious but the warts on the models are already reddish/orange (there are more of these on the other side the models). Maybe some kind of sickly yellow? Any thoughts?

EPIC Painting

Epic Daemon Engine Tutorial

I am in the middle of painting my 20 Daemon Engines for the ToEG challenge and recorded my progress as a short tutorial here.

A few style questions remain:

1. I left the barrels of the Doomblaster mortars without Blood Red highlight as I felt that a full highlight would make them too bright. Any thoughts?

2. I am undecided whether to paint the rim of the Cannons of Khorne red or leave it black. I used a Dremel grinding bit to carve out the usually closed gun barrel of the cannon to make it look a bit more realistic. Unfortunately the barrel opening on these old models isn’t actually perfectly circular so the red rim doesn’t look like a perfect circle either. The red rim pulls foces to the “business end” of the model whereas the black rim looks cleaner. Any thoughts?

3. I carved out the cauldron of the Cauldron of Blood as well. I am planning to use clear resin or water effects material to fill it back in with some blood coloured (semi-transparent) fluid. I am tempted to stick some infantry models into the fluid. I will have to experiment with this before I actually pour anything into the models. Any thoughts.

No issues with my Brass Scorpion prototype. Now I just need to paint the other 3 of each of these types (and base the models).