EPIC Painting

Epic Daemon Engine Tutorial

I am in the middle of painting my 20 Daemon Engines for the ToEG challenge and recorded my progress as a short tutorial here.

A few style questions remain:

1. I left the barrels of the Doomblaster mortars without Blood Red highlight as I felt that a full highlight would make them too bright. Any thoughts?

2. I am undecided whether to paint the rim of the Cannons of Khorne red or leave it black. I used a Dremel grinding bit to carve out the usually closed gun barrel of the cannon to make it look a bit more realistic. Unfortunately the barrel opening on these old models isn’t actually perfectly circular so the red rim doesn’t look like a perfect circle either. The red rim pulls foces to the “business end” of the model whereas the black rim looks cleaner. Any thoughts?

3. I carved out the cauldron of the Cauldron of Blood as well. I am planning to use clear resin or water effects material to fill it back in with some blood coloured (semi-transparent) fluid. I am tempted to stick some infantry models into the fluid. I will have to experiment with this before I actually pour anything into the models. Any thoughts.

No issues with my Brass Scorpion prototype. Now I just need to paint the other 3 of each of these types (and base the models).

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