EPIC Painting

ToEG – Preparing for October

With the September goal achieved, it is time to turn to October. I am going to try and paint the remaining Khorne war engines and at least one of the remaining infantry formations (Nurgle, Tzeentch or Undivided/Ketzali). I did a few test bases for these.

Nurgle Mutants
Nothing fancy and the photo isn’t the best. I am used the same colours as the Khorne Mutants but with green loin cloth and Plaguebearers mixed in.

Tzeentch Cultists
As stated previously, I am trying to give the impression of a recently corrupted imperial regiment so the models are a lot more uniform that the random Slaneesh Cultists. The paint scheme is similar to the Tzeentch Thousand Sons Marines (and the Chaos Marine “advisors” on some of the bases are of course an exact match for the TS models).

My Black Legion undivided force are Iron Warrios so I am trying to match the undivided Lost and the Damned theme to them. The idea is to go with a scavenger look similar to the Jawas in Star Wars. The vehicles will be imperial issue but heavily weathered and rusty. Sort of like the cultists are lesser beings on the Iron Warrior worlds who have to make due with scrap metal scavenged from the Iron Warrior factories. I made two test models with slightly different robes. Vermin Brown vs Bestial Brown (both get a Devlan Mud wash afterwards). I am partial to the slightly reddish Vermin Brown as it contrasts a bit better with the base. Any comments?

I also took some work in progress shots of the four faction trays (missing the Iron Warrior tray as I haven’t done anything on the Ketzali yet). You can see bigger versions by clicking on the image.

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