EPIC Painting

ToEG – September Update

With a generous 45 minutes to spare before midnight, here is the summary for my September ToEG painting:

Khorne Contingent:
9 Daemonic Assault Engines of Khorne (675 points)

Not shown are three finished Cauldron’s of Blood as I used Water Effects in their cauldron (looking like blood) and it isn’t fully hardened yet.

4 Daemonic Support Engines of Khorne (300 points)

4 Cannons of Khorne (200 points)

Three full Khorne Mutant Covens, each consisting of 6 Mutants (with leader) and 6 Big Mutants (960 points).

A few assorted extra units to augment my Khorne World Eater force: 2 Terminators (150 points), 2 Flesh Hounds (40 points) and 2 Berzerker (75 points).

Nurgle Contigent:
Mortarion – Primarch of the Death Guard (50 points, the Great Unclean One in the photo was painted previously)

Nurgle Altar (150 points)

2 Nurgle Spawn (50 points)

4 Havocs and their Rhinos (170 points)

Slaneesh Contigent:
Two full Cultist Coven with 12 Cultists, Demagogue and Champion each (450 points)

I also added 4 Obliterators to my Iron Warrior force (300 points)

All told this comes to 3520 points for September. That not only achieves the 500 points ToEG objective but pushed my Lost and the Damned army a big step forward. I have added updated photos (larger version) to the Black Legion page where appropriate and will add a Lost and the Damned page once I have a few more models for it.

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