EPIC Painting

ToEG – Deathguard Plague Marines

More reinforcements for Papa Nurgle. I added a bunch of Plague Marines to my existing four models. The new models include a Plague Marine Lord. There are only two Rhinos because this really isn’t a legal formation. They can either be fielded as a 4 model “Cult Marine” upgrade for a Black Legion Retinue (with two Rhinos), as a dedicated 7 model Plague Marine formation in the EPIC UK Deathguard list (without Rhinos as that formation can’t have any), or as part of two mixed Plague Marine and Deathguard Marine formations in the TacComs Deathguard list (again without Rhinos). Chaos is confusing…

One reply on “ToEG – Deathguard Plague Marines”

The landscape looks real here as well, with very natural arrangements and contours. Funky red growth too – it helps make the rhino / battlewagon mix something new.

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