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Painting Balance 2010

It’s time to look back at the wargaming achievements of 2010. It was a fairly busy year for me in “real life” so my painting progress suffered accordingly. Nevertheless, I managed to paint 595 models (about 45 per month). The theme of 2010 was clearly Epic with 505 models completed. More minor contributions where made to my Battlefleet Gothic, Blood Bowl, Man-o-War and Mordheim collection. Separately, I also managed to complete 66 terrain pieces (mostly Mordheim items).

Unfortunately, the impact on the lead mountain wasn’t very impressive. Overall I purchased close to 1000 new models during year (80% of which for Epic). I did manage to sell a bunch of truly ancient Warhammer and Warhammer 40k stuff so the overall net gain is only 507 models. My painted to all ratio has therefore been slightly improved from 64% in January 2010 to 68% in December 2010. Current total (painted & unpainted) stands at 7027 models and 721 terrain pieces (of which 4618 and 659 are respectively painted).

Below are my progression over the last decade in terms of overall and painted model count, as well as the current status per gaming system.

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