Dramatis Personae

Unlike Hired Swords, Dramatis Personae are one-of-a-kind characters from the Warhammer world. In principle they should only show up once in any Mordheim campaign. Because of their rarity, my collection of them is limited as I usually only paint up individual Mordheim models when I need them for narrative campaigns.

Bertha Bestraufung: Bertha is a famous Sister of Sigmar and often lends her support to the various groups of Sisters struggling in Mordheim. The model and rules are original Mordheim.

Bertrand le Brigand: Together with his companions Hugo le Petit (left) and Guy le Gros (right) are bandit kings of the country side around Mordheim. The models are from the old Warhammer Bretonnia range where Bertrand was a special character in the 90s.

Gortrek & Felix: Made famous by the series of novels by William King from the Black Library, Gortrek Gurnisson and Felix Jaeger wonder the Old World to slay mighty monster. They sometimes appear in Mordheim and have been known to slay entire warbands that get in their way. The models are Warhammer collector items that I picked up at some point in the distant past.

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