Wave 3 – Back to Blogging

After a few years in hiatus, I will give blogging another try. This will be the third attempt after the initial burst in 2010-2012 and the revival in 2014-2015. Maybe the third time is the charm!

To inaugurate this third wave, I purchased a nice macro camera with fancy backdrops. I will be taking pictures of newly painted models as well as some of my existing collection. These will be updated over time – there are literally thousands of models to photograph – but the updates will come (12,000+ actually at current count :)).

On the painting side, will be fighting my way through a few major projects:

Warhammer 40k: I have a Blood Angel army to complete. Mostly vehicles and specialists which will take some time.

Warhammer: After the collapse of the Warhammer World, I bought a bunch of armies before they disappeared entirely. So now I have a whole bunch of unpainted Warhammer armies: Orcs and Goblins, High Elves, Ogre Kingdoms, Skaven, Chaos (Nurgle), and Vampire Counts. My Empire army also needs finishing while my Bretonnia and Dwarf forced need refurbishing. So there is plenty to do in this category. My first goal will be to complete two new armies – selected by my older kids as Orcs and High Elves – and ideally finish up the missing Empire units.

Specialist Games: I have tons of warbands, gangs, fleets, teams and even a few EPIC armies still to complete. I will paint these as fillers in between the big lots. My near term goal will be to finish up at least 5 skirmish groups and one of the missing EPIC armies (probably Tyranids).

Historical: I made a pretty decent dent in my SAGA list during the last wave of enthusiasm, but the unpainted pile is still large. Moreover, a recent birthday gift resulted in a whole Early Imperial Roman army for the Hail Caesar game system waiting for me on pristine sprues. So I will try to make a dent in that pile as well.


So, 3 full 28mm armies, finishing up two more, and topping it off with a handful of smaller warbands. I have a small head start – a few Orc units are painted already from a paint scheme test – but this will still keep me busy for a while.

As a teaser of what is to come, here is a new photo of some Forest Goblins that will be part of the above-mentioned Orc and Goblin army. More to come soon!

WFB Orcs - Forest Goblins.JPG


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