EPIC Painting

Nurgle Group Shot

Another tray close to completion. Larger picture available if you click on the image. There is a bit of room left to add the Plague Tower and Contagion Engines. Unlike the Iron Warrior and Khorne tray this one might even have some spare room left over at the end.

Left column, front to back: Retinue with Rhinos, Plague Marines with Rhinos, Deathwheel and Decimator

Middle column, front to back: Terminator and Great Unclean One, Mortarion, Dreadnoughts and Chaos Hounds (rats), Havocs with Rhinos and Plaguebearer, Spawns and Rough Rider, Armoured Company with Land Raiders and Blight Drones.

Right Column, front to back: Mutant Coven with Altar and Big Mutants, Mutant Coven with Big Mutants, Plague Zombies, Plague Titan

All total this comes to 3952 points for the Deathguard (Black Legion list) and 1570 points for the lesser minions (Lost and the Damned). This counts the Daemons and Titan with the Deathguard, so this is basically a 3000 points list either way. Makes a decent dedicated Deathguard list too.

One reply on “Nurgle Group Shot”

The corruption on the land raiders and titan especially looks excellently done, and it’s always good to see Mortarion. There’s surely a lot of hard work in that picture.

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