DBA section is up

My full DBA collection is up, including Romans (Imperial & Polybian), Northern Barbarians (Gallic, Ancient British, etc.), Seleucid, Greek City States (Thebans, Athens, etc.), Thracian, Spartan and Medieval European (French, German, English, etc.).

Flames of War

Flames of War Germans up

As the first of the “bigger armies”, I uploaded some 60+ pics of the Flames of War German army under Games & Armies\Flames of War.

US & UK forces are in the photography stage right now.

I also had to manually edit every single image on the site since wordpress somehow decides to show all images at 1 pixel smaller than the original size. That downscaling with an inferior algorithm blurred many of the images more than necessary. As far as I could tell, a manual fix of the HTML was the only way around this. Note that as a side effect none of the images on this site are “clickable” anymore. That’s a good thing since clicking on them just led you to the same image with 1 pixel more horizontal and vertical resolution…

Man o' War

Man O’ War section is up

My Man O’ War collection is up with Bretonnian, Chaos Dwarf, Dwarf, Dark Elf, Empire and High Elf fleets in the Games & Armies/Man O’ War section. Also some terrain shots on the top MoW page.


EPIC Salamander are up

The first “big” army is up. A full chapter of EPIC Salamander Space Marines. These take a lot longer to photograph and edit than skirmish forces so the going will be slow…

Blood Bowl

Blood Bowl section is up

My full Blood Bowl collection is up with Human, Pro Elves, Dark Elves, Orc and Goblin under Games & Armies\Blood Bowl. Enjoy

Battlefleet Gothic

Battlefleet Gothic section is up

All my Battlefleet Gothic fleets are up under Games & Armies/Battlefleet Gothic. Game overview, terrain, and Chaos, Imperial, Eldar and Ork fleets are up.

In a weekend marathon I finished photographing the skirmish cabinet (Blood Bowl, Mordheim, Battlefleet Gothic, Man-o-War, Lord of the Rings, and DBA). Mordheim and BFG is now up. BB and MoW are “GIMPed” and just need to be posted. LotR and DBA still need to go through GIMP. Now comes the daunting task of photographing the main cabinet… 800 minis down, ~4000 still to go…

Flames of War Mordheim

Added FoW Campaign & Mordheim pages

I added an old Flames of War linked campaign as a sample to see if people like this kind of stuff (under Gaming/Campaigns). Let me know if this is of interest.

The entire Mordheim section is up, including some Mordheim buildings (all under Games & Armies/Mordheim) and a tutorial for their construction (under Workshop/Tutorial):

Status Updates


My new online experience is (sort of) up and running. I will be adding pages slowly over the next few weeks as I get a chance to photograph and upload.

Please leave your comments regarding the site itself, layout, style, etc. Comments on the actual content are of course very welcome as well.