EPIC Painting

ToEG – Slaneesh Traitor Sentinels WIP

With the Khorne contingent nearing completion, I am starting to work on the basic colour scheme for the Slaneesh horde. My first effort was aborted when I ran out of Tentacle Pink paint and found that Games Workshop doesn’t make it anymore. After some trials I have now settled on Vallejo Squid Pink as a replacement.

These models are the trial for all the Slaneesh Knights, Titans and vehicles. A GW Liche Purple basecoat, manual highlighting with Vallejo Squid Pink and then some details in gold, black and green for the gemstones. I am using old plastic Eldar Wraithlords as Slaneesh Traitor Sentinels. They fit in very nicely with the other walkers of the Slaneesh horde.

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