Painting Warmaster

Warmaster High Elves

Time to make some progress on that New Years Resolution. The folks over at TacComs convinced me to start with a Warmaster army. High Elves it is, since that’s the last “core” army not yet completed (see the Warmaster Gallery to see the other 5 core armies).

I am going with a red and white dragon theme for the army as my Dwarves are already blue/white (the other “classic” High Elf scheme). At a small scale like Warmaster, it’s best to stick with unique schemes per army (of course, my Empire army is also white/red but I have vague intentions to repaint them red/blue for Altdort since the paint job is not that great).

So first up are some core units and mini-dragons (Eagle Rider proxies). I shamelessly confess to copying the dragon shield design from this beautiful army.

WM HE - Archers WM HE - Spearmen WM HE - Dragons


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