Painting Warmaster

Warmaster Project Prep

With the motivational slump from the Blood Angel experiment, I need some small scale projects to get me energized again. As a challenge, I will try to paint one Warmaster army every month. Let’s see how it goes.

Step one was to acquire all of the remaining Warmaster armies (I already have five), adding in some War of the Rings forces for good measure. After removing a metric ton of flash and gluing everything onto millions of painting sticks, I am now ready to go.

The first few models are just left-overs for the existing armies to practice a bit of 10mm painting.

The Orcs get a second unit of Boar Boyz and another Rock Lobber (if you can’t tell the difference to the 2002 version then I did a decent job blending into the old paint job).

WM Orc - Rock Lobbers WM Orc - Boar BoyzNext, Chaos got a third unit of hounds just because I had them lying around.

WM Chaos - Warhounds

The Empire received a unit of Mortars that I picked up at some point.

WM Empire - Mortars

Finally, I painted some Tomb Scorpions for the Tomb King army. I got these when I ordered some Reaper soft plastic models for another project.

WM Undead - Scorpions





2 replies on “Warmaster Project Prep”

Great to see you up and running again! I was worried you’d given up the blogging, and that would be a crying shame when you consider all you do.

Have you considered linking up with the blog roll at A few of us are deeply envious of your collection and game room, I’m sure the site admin would be thrilled to see you there.

For the Reaper Bones models that you ordered, how have they handled paint? Will you do a showcase on them as well?

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