EPIC Painting

What’s next?

My first challenge for the TacComs “Tale of Epic Gamers” event is coming to an end. It motivated me to paint some a Chaos force coming in at just under 29,000 points and covering five gods as well as all variant lists. That’s 681 models/bases. I am now starting at the last 4 models and most are in semi-completed state. I hope to have everything wrapped up this month.

So the question now is of course what army to do next? I am tempted by various larger scale projects but would still very much like to complete another 6mm force as well. The options for the latter are:

Adeptus Mechanicus/Knights/Titans (~150 models, 14k points)

Eldar (~230 models, 12k points)

Tyranids (~230 models, 13k points)

Squats (~180 models, ~10k points)

All four options are assembled and based. The last option are Necrons which are still in progress of being sourced. Probably not the best choice until I have all the models together. Last time I made the decision by vote, so here we go again.

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